How to defend yourself and not to spoil your summer evenings ...


Mosquitoes have lived on earth 170 million years ...


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Especially in the summer months we can stay in the wild unpleasant difficult mosquitoes. As mosquitoes are generally indicated by representatives of the dipteran family komárovití (Culicidae), which occurs in our nearly 50 of the total of almost 3,000 species. According to the findings of mosquitoes embedded in amber, it is estimated that komárovití on Earth are already 170 million years.






Around the mosquitoes are undoubtedly also spins myths, but also scientific research. It is of course undeniable that this is a very unpleasant nuisance insects, krerým a very hard fight. Fundamentally important and thus ultimately protect themselves against mosquitoes. Very annoying is the overgrowth of the calamity, when in these areas is virtually impossible to move freely outside.




Mosquitoes are carriers of several infectious diseases ...


Proti komárům... Squeaky sound uncomfortable, itchy and burning pimples, it's not the only reasons to protect against mosquitoes raids. Mosquitoes are also vectors is some infection and illness. The most famous transmitted diseases as malaria, which is reportedly still in the fifties 20století occurred in south Moravia and southern Slovak Republic. According to some sources, the mosquitoes are carriers of Lyme borreliosis passive.


And then how to prevent mosquito? Among humans, circulating amount of transmitted folk wisdom, or the advice of folk. Of course today is also available plenty of modern methods of protection from the most commonly used repellents and repellents to repellent bracelets and electronic deterrents.




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