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Mosquitoes and the diseases transmitted


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Mosquito females suck blood teplokrevným animals while helping the spread of various infectious germs and even some very dangerous diseases. Female victims in the blood is injected into your saliva containing anti-clotting agents, and it is this way leads to the spread of disease.




Generally, the best known of the mosquito-borne diseases are malaria . Malaria causes a parasitic element strain Apicomplexa transmitted to humans by mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. French physician Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran was given for the discovery of the disease agent in 1907 the Nobel Prize. From malaria each year are dying every year to three million people.

Plasmodium lifecycle PHIL 3405 lores




Other dangerous diseases transmitted by mosquitoes is yellow fever . As a precaution against the disease, there is now an effective vaccine, which is thus recommended for all travel to risk areas.

In 1960 it was in our Morava proven disease caused by a virus Ťahyňa, know as Valtice fever . Manifestations of disease are closely similar to flu.










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