How to defend yourself and not to spoil your summer evenings ...


How to prevent the attacks of mosquitoes?


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Generally, the mosquito can defend itself very difficult and usually with a rather questionable results. Because of the mosquitoes themselves can do much, you should already as far as possible from the beginning to prevent their proliferation especially in the vicinity of dwellings.




Jak se branit komárům The magazine was once described Zahrádkář interesting to kill mosquito larvae in the barrels with water topping. Instructions based on the application of ground lime dust with sugar bowl or strainer on the water surface to create a fine coating of lime. The need to continually update - for example, after the rain. The larvae then can not breathe, resulting in their perishing. Reportedly, such water is not attracted to a female mosquito to the establishment of new populations. The method is certainly worth a try. The quality of irrigation water it may not have a significant impact, rain water is generally acidic, so this leads to the neutralization. Caution is in place at the wrong plants tolerant of soil liming.




In the pond with mosquito larvae again quite successfully spun some inexpensive fish. If possible, they should all containers and water cover. In fact, it's a much more difficult, because the proliferation of mosquitoes just mere puddle or mud after prolonged rain.




Windows and doors should be fitted with nets to protect not only against mosquitoes but also prevent further ingress of flying insects. Above the bed can be suspended effective 'mosquito', which today are relatively easy to purchase in larger stores with bedding and home textiles. The word mosquito is obviously exaggerated because mosquitoes are not present here. You can try and try some ancient old wives proven advice. In nature, it helps protective clothing impregnated with repellents and other modern means of protection.







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