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Scientists have for some time know that mosquitoes are whistles to their sexual foreplay . According to new research from Cornell University experts males and females flap their wings prior to mating and set the tone emitted sound to create a perfectly matched duo just before coupling.
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Jak se branit komárům Why do mosquitoes bite all the same? Why do one summer evening under the stars scratching for a week while your friend does not sting, tried to explain to scientists from Aberdeen University and Rothamstedského Research Institute in Hertfordshire. They found that some people are always annoying insects hryzavým stigmatized more than others, while . About the others, scientists believe that being born in the body with substances that repel mosquitoes.
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Mosquitoes zigzagging between the raindrops? Such questions are asked by scientists from Georgijského Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Flying mosquitoes then recorded high-speed camera images and later analyzed. The research found that mosquitoes do not avoid the drops . Raindrop is equally large, but about 50x harder than a mosquito. Read on




Above malaria scientists want to win the genetic modification of mosquitoes. Scientists create first genetically modifying mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles as their body fluid killed the host developmental stage of the malarial protozoan Plasmodium . This is the mosquito body get together with blood from infected animals or humans. The next bite infection then skips to the next victim. Read on na







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