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Means of protection against mosquitoes ...


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odpuzovač komárůAmong the classical methods of modern rooms and bedrooms of protection against mosquitoes is electric vaporizer insect repellent product. The big advantage is that they work reliably even in the open window. Due to the evaporation of the insecticide stop mosquitoes in the room usually within 10 minutes searching for your target and then 20-30 minutes to die. It is now emerging as repellent to mosquitoes in addition to work on flies and other flying insects.




Where it is not possible to use the evaporator outlet will serve as evaporators mosquito with batteries, You can also try one of the incendiary repellents. Most often they are repellent candles or lamps , there are also insecticidal spiral , which gradually and odhořívají are released into the surrounding insect repellent substances




spirálka proti komárůmIn the wild, are suitable for applying repellents to clothing and loose skin using airbrush. Besides mosquitoes mostly while also protecting against dangerous tick. Similarly, there are also repellent bracelets and special impregnated garments.




Mosquitoes can also be repelled by modern electronic transmitter high-frequency tones. These usually have a small circle of competence, therefore suitable for personal spíšepro protection in the wild, while camping in a tent, etc. electronic scarer issued high-frequency tones that confuse and repel mosquito females difficult.




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